Recipe Manager

Ok, here goes. Going back to work on the Rails Assessment. I decided to work on a recipe manager. I created a new app using rails 'new recipe-manager'. This is preferable to copying an old lesson and rebuilding. Add file from the assessment repository with a list of required elements for the assessment.  

I filled out some basic CRUD information for my users controller and I set up models for user, recipe, ingredients and items. The models generator in rails creates files inheriting from ApplicationRecord and I think I'd rather have them inherit from ActiveRecord::Base so making those changes. A little unclear about how to wire everything together so I am referring back to the amusement park live example and solution. I understand all the pieces. I think it will help me think about what all a recipe manager needs to do.  

Working on creating the home page with signin and signup information. I need to think through the signin_path and the new_user_path and where we are defining these. Switching gears slightly to setting up Devise for some of the authentication.